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4 Common Causes Of Roof Leaks

Metairie Roof Leak RepairA leaky roof can be an ongoing problem that causes frustration and a loss of home value. Not only is valuable time wasted during repairs, the leak can cause structural damage if it keeps happening. If your expensive appliances, furnishings, or other belongings are damaged by a roof leak, then the problems only multiply. Not to mention the interruption to your life that this causes.

Roofing systems are installed on all types of homes including those with slightly pitched roofs and flat. No matter the type of roof shingle or roofing system you own, it’s a good idea to understand all you can about the structure and what can cause leaks.

Old Pitch Pans & Roof Flashing Leaks

If your roof is older, there may be leaks at the pitch pans. They are prone to leaking, so this is one area that needs to be inspected if you are having problems.

Pitch pans have been installed wherever it was difficult to install and seal flashing. They are often located around pipes, plumbing vents, fireplaces, conduits, angle iron, and other structures that poke through the roof.

When a pitch pan leaks, moisture gets in. This can result in a substantial amount of water damage. Some leaks are difficult to identify, so be sure to check the condition of pitch pans, flashing, and sealant.

Continual Roof Leaks Are A Common Problem

Have you ever hired a roofing contractor to repair roof leaks but keep having to call them back over and over again? Unfortunately, for one reason or another, a roofer may just slap some roofing tar patch on and call it repaired. Or, they may try to make repairs the right way but fail due to inexperience.

Roofing tar patch doesn’t last long and should only be used as a temporary solution – and only on specific roofing systems. If you can’t trust the repairs that have been made in the past, get your leaks fixed right the first time by choosing an experienced, reputable roofing specialist. If you don’t have one you trust in Metairie or New Orleans, call ARC Roofing, LLC. We can fix the leak right.

Pooling Water And Roof Debris

If the roof of your home isn’t draining properly, standing water can cause damage after it rains. Pooling water is more common on flat roofs, but it can happen when the leaves and sticks don’t wash down our low-pitched roofs in Louisiana. This wet and rotting debris can put a strain on the roof shingles, causing them to fail early. Keep the roof properly cleaned so rainwater flows down where it should. If repairs need to be made to the perimeter flashing, drain system, gutters, or downspouts, see to it that it’s done.

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