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Roofing Materials And How They Function In Your Roof Structure

The extreme weather we sometimes face here in Louisiana can be very intense.  When hurricane force winds and rain hit our area, we suffer and so do the roofs of our homes.

When you need roof repairs, you will want to make sure your roofing contractor knows what they are doing and how to work with your insurance company and permitting authorities to get the repairs done.

Your roof consists of several materials that are common, and possibly more that are particular to the type of roofing you have on your home.

One thing to remember when thinking about your roof is that it is made up of several layers.  Most commonly in our area, you will have:

  1. A Roof deck.  This is the base  of the roof and is generally made of plywood or OSB board.
  2. Underlayment.  This provides a weatherproofing barrier otherwise known as felt or paper.
  3. The Covering.  Is an external material such as asphalt or wood shingles, tile, metal, etc.

The materials and layers needed for your roof depend on the type of roof you have and the slope of the roof.  Sometimes the materials are almost completely different, such as on flat roofs.  There also may be other layers needed for weather proofing.

For instance, low-slope roof membranes have three components, weatherproofing layers, reinforcement, and surfacings.

Roof systems have a finite life and depending upon what the roofing is composed of, you may need some surfacing.  For low sloped roofs, a bituminous roof is a sticky roof substance that waterproofs residential and commercial buildings.

The roofing felt is impregnated with the bitumen (or asphalt) to make it similar to tar paper.  The felt is a fabric that is produces by matting fibers under pressure and is used as an underlayment that separates the deck from the covering (shingles).

The underlayment also sheds moisture and water which can penetrate the roof covering.

Modified bitumen is mixed with filler compounds such as limestone, sand, or polymers that make it resistant to tearing.  It also gives it rigidity.  Or, a rubber additive can be added that gives it more elasticity.

There are specifications for roofing materials that need to be adhered to.  For instance, the Underwriters Laboratory issue fire ratings for materials known as UL ratings.  And the American society for Testing Materials (ASTM) provides standards that apply to materials such as felt paper.

No matter the materials needed or roofing types you may have, our professional roofing contractors at ARC Roofing LLC offer years of experience for our Southern Louisiana customers.

We know all about your roof construction and how to repair, install, or replace it.  We are a member of the Better Business Bureau and are a GAF Certified Contractor in Louisiana with a state contractor‘s license #57575.

Roof repairs, replacements, inspections, and installation are what we do every day, so whatever your needs are, you can count on us to get the job done right.


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